About Us

Unique PC is a provider of outstanding integrated technology solutions. Unique PC continually strives to maintain its leadership in the computer industry in British Columbia, through innovative, progressive and efficient use of available resources to meet the clients need.

Corporate Profile

Originally established as Micro Beam Computers in 1982, it was re-organized as Unique PC in 1992. A unionized computer technology firm focused on meeting the clients needs in areas of software development and computer consulting, computer hardware and software support, integrated security and surviallance systems, design and implementing networks, server and web hosting.

It is our mission to contribute to the success of your organization by using reliable and credible IT services at a fraction of the cost involved with an  "in house IT" option. Fast response time with accurate result guaranteed.

Unique PC has a proven track record working with some of the largest and successful organizations in their respective industries, contributing to their success providing technology solutions.

Unique PC continues to embrace fundamental technologies whilst researching and implementing new technologies. Contact us for further information as how Unique PC may meet your technology requirements.


Saeed and Unique PC keep our computer and information systems flowing smoothly, and provide outstanding service day-in and day-out. Not only that, but Saeed has been an invaluable resource for keeping us informed about the latest computer technology applications, and how they may or may not be relevant for our needs. In a business where technology quickly becomes obsolete, Saeed's expertise and practical approach has helped us manage our costs, while still providing us with cutting-edge performance. For someone in charge of financial oversight in addition to ensuring our systems function efficiently, that's a skill and an approach that is very much appreciated.


Frank Pozzobon, Secretary-Treasurer, United Food & Comercial Workers Local 1518


We trust Saeed implicitly. Whenever we need help, he is thereā€¦ day or night. If he doesn’t have the answer to a question we have, he will go and find it. I depend on him every day and he has never let us down. I don’t know what we would do without him.


Andy Ross, President, Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union Local 378