Why Rent? Elections, Conventions, Expos, Presentations, Travel, Seminars, Training, Temporary Replacement, Seasonal Loads, Special Projects, Capital Budget Limits, Consulting Projects, Government Contracts, Delayed Delivery of New Equipment, and much more. We provide you with a full range of technical support including complete configuration of all computer equipment and custom software loads. Our technical staff can install and take down all the rental equipment. 

We have:

Flexible rental periods: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Long-Term. 

Fast, courteous delivery and pickup. Just tell us when and where.

Extensive inventory on hand. Notebooks, PCs, Servers, Network Switches and Routers, Printers, Faxes and different types of cable.

Technical support. Backed by over 20 years of experience in computer business.  

Competitive rates. So If your business needs a computer and you do not want to invest in one, we may be able to help.


Rental Price.

Price is determined by the type, number and the amount of time they are being rented for. The longer the time the cheaper they become. The more you rent the cheaper they get.


Other Factors.

Software setup, Network configuration, Cable runs.